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Tollywood shooting is going to start from the 10th June

The country is slowly returning to the rhythm. West Bengal is not behind. Like all other workplaces, this time the lockdown is going to rise from Tolipara. Shooting is starting on June 10 in Tolipara. The state government had given permission to start shooting from June 1. Then there were meetings between the Artist Forum, the Federation, Impa, the channel authorities, and the producers. At the end of the meeting held on Thursday at the initiative of Minister of State Arup Biswas, the tangle opened.

Shooting will resume in Studio Para after 63 days. The new episode of the serial will start broadcasting from June 15. However, while shooting, everyone has to abide by some restrictions given by the state government.

For now, no child artist under the age of 10 can be shot. All the renowned artists above the age of 65 can perform if they want. However, in that case, written consent must be given.

Shooting means a gathering of many people. For now, it has been decided that no more than 35 people will be on the shooting floor at once. Instead of taking the help of a make-up artist, the artist can bring his own make-up tools. You can even do the makeup yourself. Shooting costumes should be taken home by every artist in the interest of safety.

Now almost all movies or serials will have some love scenes or some scenes of intimacy. And the main way to prevent corona is to follow the rules of social distance. The big challenge now is to make movies and serials suitable for the audience.

It was decided in Thursday’s meeting that the screenplay should be written avoiding intimate moments. Even with the help of technology, while maintaining social distance, one has to try to capture the scene of love and intimate moments on the screen.

In the interest of working with risk during the shooting phase in Corona, insurance of Rs 25 lakh has been arranged for each crew. Fifty percent of which will be given by the channel authorities. Producers will give 40 percent, artist forum will give 10 percent.

Besides, the meeting has been assured that no technician from Tolly-Para will be sacked. Everyone will be taken back for the shooting.

Everyone must wear a mask according to government guidelines to prevent corona. Masks cannot be worn while shooting there. It remains to be seen how to stand in this position and work safely in Tolipara.


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