Amit Shah’s public meeting in Bengal on June 9, the BJP wants to show a new path in the lockdown

Although there are discounts on many things in the fifth point lockdown, there are no discounts on deposits. Even after the unlocking process began across the country, the Centre’s clear directive is that no large gatherings can be held for the time being, even within a six-foot distance between shopping malls and shrines. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has raised the slogan ‘Do Gaj Ki Duri’. The big question in this situation is about political rallies. And will any political party ever call for filling the brigade? Will there be a ‘Let’s go to Dharmatala’ campaign?

The answer to this question is still unknown. However, the BJP, the country’s largest political party, is showing how to rally in this situation. And that is starting from this state. The first virtual rally will be held in Bengal on June 9. The keynote speakers were Home Minister Amit Shah and state BJP president Dilip Ghosh. In this context, Dilip Ghosh demanded, “Our Prime Minister is showing the way to the whole world to deal with Corona. And our team will show how to rally in this new time. ”

State BJP organizing secretary Subrata Chatterjee explained how the rally would be held. He said that this public meeting will be held through ‘Webex Meet’ app. There will be a stage at the central office in Delhi and a stage at the state headquarters in Kolkata. Two speakers Amit Shah and Dilip Ghosh will be on the two stages. One thousand people can be contacted at a time through this app. The state BJP has already selected those thousands of leaders and workers. They will attend the meeting directly. At the same time, the rally will be shared on BJP’s social media. Millions of workers, supporters, and ordinary people can take part in this rally through Facebook and YouTube.

Subrata Chatterjee said, “This is the way to think about the present time. It will be a historic gathering. It started. After that, there will be more rallies like this. ” He added that a link would be sent to the 1,000 people selected for the rally at 11 a.m. on June 9, 15 minutes before the start of the meeting. And you can use it to join the meeting. Amit Shah and Dilip Ghosh can also see the one thousand people who have joined directly. The campaign for this virtual public meeting is also going that way. The state BJP is sending applications to join the rally through hoardings, not posters, but through social media.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The state BJP leaders do not have much of a headache with that. Rather, assembly elections are held year after year. And the BJP has already started tidying up the house for him. The state core committee has been reorganized. A few days ago, Amit Shah told the media, “Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s wish will be fulfilled. BJP will form the government in Bengal with the Ekushey vote. Match it. ” But this is not the first time that Amit Shah has been saying since he was the BJP’s all-India president, “The BJP will form a government in Bengal with a two-thirds majority in 21 years.”

This time the BJP is starting a virtual rally in the lockdown for that purpose. According to BJP sources, Amit Shah was present at the first rally but then-President Jagat Prakash Nadda will hold another rally on the same route very soon. However, it is not yet known whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold such a rally.
A few days ago, one year has passed since the second Narendra Modi government. It is believed that Amit Shah will highlight the success of the Modi government in the last six years at the June 9 rally. At the same time, Shah can talk about the corona deal, financial package, etc. Apart from this, the Union Home Minister can highlight the aspects of the return of migrant workers from dealing with the Amphan disaster, law and order in the state, health services, failure in the education system.

The final engagement with the first virtual public meeting is now in the state BJP. It is learned that rehearsals have been given more than once to fix the whole issue so that there are no errors.


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