6 months of coronation, what did we learn? Which is left to understand?

There is no end to the controversy over when and by whom Corona was first caught. No one knows when the Corona epidemic began and when it will end. However, according to China’s claim, the infection was first detected in the country’s Wuhan province in December last year. If that claim was accepted, six months would have passed since the Corona infection. These six months have passed with Corona.

The character of this new enemy is still not understood. Fighting this virus is a far cry from how the world can save itself from it. However, the Coronavirus has changed a lot in these six months. Everything has changed now, just as it did before the coronavirus spread.

The use of masks and sanitizers, the need to move forward in accordance with the rules of social distance, this deadly virus. The virus has taught us how important it is to follow health rules in order to live a healthy life. The panic of this disease paralyzed the world economy after the declaration of the world epidemic. Following Hu’s instructions, scientists in various countries are constantly trying to find a vaccine against the coronavirus. On the other hand, due to the lockdown, people have become housebound and pollution has returned to normal.


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