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The Indian star apologized to Yuvraj for making comments on caste

Yuvraj Singh commented on caste while making fun of Yuzbendra Chahal. Then Netdunia became active. Netizens are angry with the former Indian all-rounder. The hashtag ‘Yuvraj Singh Mafi Mango’ (Yuvraj Singh Apologize) became trending on Twitter. Three days after that incident, the star of the world winning team finally apologized by posting a long post on social media.

To clarify the matter, Punjab Da Puttar wrote in the post, “I want to make it clear that I do not believe in any discrimination. Whether it is caste, color, or gender. I am always ready to do good to people. I respect every human being equally. Everyone misunderstood me in the comments I made while chatting with a friend. However, as a responsible citizen of the country, I apologize if I have hurt anyone’s feelings with this. My love for the country and its people will remain intact. ”

What exactly happened?

In fact, the whole thing started with a funny trick. But one word makes the matter controversial. Yuvraj was chatting with Rohit Sharma on social media in a video call last April. Where the issue of Indian spinner Chahal suddenly comes up. He is shaking the net world while under house arrest. Nana stays at the center of the discussion by posting funny videos. Some videos are well-received, but so are trolls. Earlier, captain Virat Kohli did not let Chahal troll. Similarly, Yubi was making fun of Chahal. In the video chat video that went viral, he commented on the caste in the context of Chahal. His fans did not expect such a word (b *** gi) from the star cricketer’s mouth. Then the debate began.

However, the issue was not limited to condemnation. A written complaint was also lodged against Yubi at Hisar police station. Where he was arrested. The former all-rounder took control of the damage after seeing the tension escalate. He apologized on social media.


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