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Delete old Facebook posts with one click!

Manage activity. Facebook came up with a new feature. It allows users to delete or hide their old annoying posts altogether. This feature is called Manage Activity. Through which users can archive any post. If you have archived, you will see this post for yourself but will not reach others.

This means that with the advent of this new feature, you can delete old photos from your profile together. You do not have to face many problems with this.

According to Facebook, the photos you delete will be in the Trash Bin folder for a month. Then those pictures will be completely deleted from your profile. Before that, you can bring them back if you want.

How to use this feature-

  • First, go to the Activity Logs section of your profile page.
  • Then tap on Manage Activity Options. You will find this option between the filter and archive options.
  • Tap on the post option.
  • Then tap on the Filter option.
  • Now select the category option. Here you can select a post or text update, check-in, video, picture everything, but you can select one category at a time.
  • Now select the posts that you want to delete.
  • Now you can tap on the archive options so they will not be deleted from your profile but will only be with you,
  • not reaching others.
  • Or you can select the Trash option, then you can delete multiple images from the profile at once.

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